Press Releases

Right from the early days of Asian/Global Underground in the mid nineties, Lelonek´s state of the art production has caused trouble on the dancefloor. Since his track `Kismet´ came out on Talvin Singh´s "Anokha" compilation, he is known for his sharp breaks, deep bass lines as well as a fair amount of musical interest and detail.

Lelonek came to London in 1986 to studie at the SAE (school for audio engineering). After his diploma he worked as an engineer for Greg Lake (ELP), Geoff Downes (Asia, Yes), Billy Ocean and Big Wave Records, plus doing freelance jobs all over england.

1994 he built his own Hopewell Yard Studios and started making tracks under the name "Fathers of Watt".

1996 he worked at the Bluenote club in London´s Eastend and became a member of the reknowned Anokha Crew around Talvin Singh. He soon gained respect with his well crafted tracks and started colaborating with T. Singh and other members of the crew such as Osmani Soundz and DJ Equal-i.

1997 "Anokha - Soundz of the Asian Underground" gets released featuring his track `Kismet´.

After that he did alot of travelling, e.g. to Marocco to record the Master Musicians of Jajouka.

2000 he founded his own label 1K Records to take the sound into the 21st century; widening the scope by incorporating influences from north africa and the middle east as heard on his first compilation "Reflections One" featuring tracks by Lelonek, Osmani Soundz, DBA, Equal-i, Dao a.o.

2003 Claas Sandbothe aka Anokha DJ & producer DBA became his production and label partner and "Reflections Vol.2" is now ready for release.