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Reflections Vol. 2

The new compilation “Reflections Vol.2” by 1K Science (Lelonek & DJ DBA) has finaly arrived.
Picking it up and throwing it down from where the first compilation left off, “Reflections Vol.2” showcases the upcoming sounds that will be emanating from our planet’s souks and beaches, its dance bunkers and flying tents.

Stunning new works by New Delhi’s MIDIVAL PUNDITZ, Okinawa’s RYUKYU UNDERGROUND, the pressure-DJ DBA, and 1K’s founder LELONEK are strung along a new silk route.

Laden with strings - sarangis, guitars, tanpuras, fiddles - the distingtive flavours of North Africa, The Indian subcontinent and Okinawa, are distilled and served with beats of every flavour.”

Welcome to our new Website

After some month of programming work, we are proud to present to you the new site.
Many thanxs specially to Elo & Mourad for their support to make this site become reality.

In the meantime a lot of new projects have happened!


The wonderful lounge/chillout CD “ELYSIAN VIBES” released by ONE WORLD MUSIC label (Australia) including the guitar-dreamy track “ Western View…….………..out NOW!

Also the exotic/percussive CD “TRIBAL TRANCEDANCE” out on MOSAIC - MUSIC label (Australia) featuring the mesmerising Turkish Drum&Bass track “ HAMU “out NOW!

The new LELONEK remix of “TOM STEVENS” TV-advertising track “IN JOY” released by SOFTOUCH Label (Germany) …..out this week.

Finally the new CD of our friends “RYUKYU UNDERGROUND - REMIXED” out on RESPECT RECORDS ( Japan ), featuring artist like Kid Loco,Da Lata, Junkie xl, Bill Laswell, Karsh Kale,Richard Kirk ect; including our enigmatic groovy “LELONEK” Remix of “SEFA UTAKI”……...out NOW!

12“ Vinyl „SOHAM“ from Reflections Vol.2 Album Sampler

1K Science presents "Reflections Vol. 2"

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