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Friedel Lelonek
Friedel Lelonek
(Producer, Soundengineer, Dj & Percussionist )

German born Friedel Lelonek began playing drums +percussion at the age of 16. After joining various Bands making Jazz/Rock fusion he first experienced the influence of eastern music. When the New Wave area changed the musical landscape in the 80,s, he released his first single as a drummer in 1979 on the famous Cherry Red Records Label in the UK.

He moved to London in 1986 to finish studying Soundengineering with a Diploma at SAE. Consequently he worked then as Studioengineer for Greg Lake (ELP) , Geoff Downes (ASIA/YES) and Billy Ocean .

Since then he has worked with many artists like..
Talvin Singh,Cleveland Watkiss, Ariff Durvesh,Marque Gilmore, Chad Jackson, Jacki Graham, Tom Stevens,Ryukyu Underground,Norazia,Dissidenten,Dao, Sarah Sarandi, Master Musicans of Jajouka,Pia Myrvold and many more.

Various Studiojobs lead him to be Production Assistant on the 12” Record “Smoke on the water” 90's Mayhem Remix for Rock Aid Armenia Fund. After that, he worked as Freelance Soundengineer and Producer with many Top Musicans in most major UK studios.

As the owner of Hopwell Yard Studios and part of the Production Team “Fathers of Watt”, he created the Moviesoundtrack for the British Feature Film ”Two Bad Mice”(feat. Music by Goldie, Everthing but the Girl,Omni Trio + Lelonek)

He has worked for BBC-Radio,Island /Virgin/OM/Respect Records, as well as the London Monarchs (American Footballteam).

Starting as Soundengineer of the famous London Nightclub
“The Blue Note” and subsequently became the only Non- Asian member of the Anokha Dj & Producer crew around Talvin Singh (Mercury Award Winner).

In 1996 he made the famous ”Kismet” Track as his contribution to the “Anokha Sounds of The Asian Underground” CD (IslandRec.)

On his travels round the World, he has recently recorded the “Mastermusicans of Jajouka” Album in Morocco.

In Feb.2000 he started his own Label “1K Records”, with a first 12” release “Connections” followed by the Label Compilation “Reflections” Vol.1 CD.

Lelonek + 1Krecords collaborates with musicans + artists from all around the world to create new music across a backdrop of the ancient and modern rhythms and soundz of our planet.

(producer, remixer & engineer)

1978 Single Hirnheimer An der Grenze
1989 Single Dr. And The Medics Silver Lining
  Single Dr. And The Medics Black&Blue
1990 12" Whyte Purple Haze
  12" Rock Aid Armania Smoke On The Water90
1991 CD Paradise Blue Je t´aime
1994 CD Planet Dog "Feed Your Head Vol.3" Fathers of Watt
1997 CD Anokha - Sounds Of..." Kizmet
1998 CD Blondie Maria (T.S. Remix)
  12" Morcheeba Let me see
(T.S. Remix)
1999 CD & 12" Thomas Mayer Sub Rosa vs. Kompact
2000 12" Lelonek Connections
  CD Master Musicians Of Jajouka Album
  CD & 12" Rhythmic Intelligence Rashanki
2001 12" Cativo "Sec. Is Now" Vulva/Your Eyes
  12" Cativo Hardest Tour On Planet Earth Disorder
  CD Dissidenten World Beat Odyssey Instinctive Traveller Remix
  12" Lelonek Connections
2002 CD Lelonek
Reflections One