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Reflections Band
1K Science

1K Science are the two German djs/producers Lelonek and DBA (aka Claas Sandbothe). They met 1996 in London at Talvin Singh´s club night "Anokha".

Lelonek was part of the crew, while Claas spent a year in London as drummer of a German jazzrock outfit and was taking tabla lessons from T. Singh.

Though he left London 1997, Claas was back frequently for more lessons and joined the "Anokha" crew in ´98. Around the same time him and Lelonek started working together occasionaly in Lelonek´s Hopewell Yard Studio.

Since Lelonek moved back to Germany in 2001, they are producing together on a more regular basis. With a whole bunch of tracks and remixes ready for release, they decided to give their joint venture a new name: enter 1K Science!

Live: Reflections Band

The Reflections Band „LIVE“ continous to make waves across our musical landscape.

Selected musicans in differend combinations create a unique blend of the 1K music catalogue. Loops + samples meet live played beats ,oud + percussions.
You can catch them play at clubs, livevenues + festivals across europe.

Lelonek & The Reflections Band have played with many artists such as

Claas Sandbothe Drums
Ariff Durvesh Tabla
Marque Gilmore Drums
Nani Tschauner Vox
Cleveland Watkis Vox
Mourad Schmitt Oud/Bass
Michael Kohl Gitarre
Thomas Hupp Tabla/Drums
Javed Igbal Perc.
Equal-I Dj
OsmaniSoundz Dj
Simbad Keys/Flute
Micha Makarov Violine
Robert Emmerle Drums
and many more... the list continues